Title IX Investigations

In additional to mastery of the fields of Criminal Law and Criminal Appellate Law, Doug is one of the few trained and experienced attorneys in the field of Title IX investigations and proceedings.  Universities recently celebrated 50 years of the effectiveness of Title IX in addressing discrimination on college campuses.  The outcome of a Title IX or Student Conduct proceeding can have life-changing implications and requires knowledgeable counsel to navigate the process.  As a graduate of Texas A&M University with both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, Doug has been a fixture on the TAMU landscape for over 40 years.  He has served as Advisor in Title IX cases and Student Conduct violation allegations for years.   Doug is available as an Advisor/Attorney in Title IX and Student Conduct allegations at Texas A&M University from the inception of an investigation, through prehearing conferences, informal resolutions, and the formal hearing process.  The academic future of parties in such investigations is served by having an experienced hand for guidance.  Doug provides that experienced counsel.


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