More than just legal advice

In urgent legal matters, professional expertise is not the only thing that counts.  Doug Barlow provides you with helpful services in addition to legal advice.


Criminal law matter are always matters requiring immediate attention.  Some are outright emergencies.  Time is of the essence.  Doug Barlow is able to handle the immediate matters accused citizens face.  The practice of criminal law is at the cutting edge of human emotion.  The stress and pressure of facing accusations can be overwhelming.  Doug Barlow is equipped to deal with these matters with skill and experience and explain it in terms you can understand.  You should know exactly what you face, how to deal with it, and how to make informed decisions.  Doug Barlow can handle it all and lead you through the maze of the criminal justice system.


An overview of my services

  • Barlow Law Firm gives you appointments immediately according to your needs.
  • Barlow Law Firm provides representation from the investigative stage, grand jury proceedings, pretrial preparation, jury trial and appellate matters - as long as you are facing the criminal justice system, Doug Barlow can be there all the way.
  • There is no charge for an initial consultation. At an initial consultation, you can obtain valuable information such as how the criminal justice system works, what you may face, and how to deal with it.  The information may prove invaluable in making life-changing decisions.